what do you see?

Tea? Coffee? Here you go… Help yourself to cream. Sugar? One or two?
No! Stop! No sugar for you!
Cake? Pie? There you go…that one there has three types of chocolate and sprinkles. Here have some cream on the side.

There’s the plain biscuit section over there for you. Don’t worry! There’s two plains to choose from.
Lovely outfit…perfect for the occasion. I love the diamanté and that colour is gorgeous.
Don’t you think…that you’re a little OTT? Just a little bit…well… Flamboyant? Everyone will look.
Beef or salmon? Or both if you like. 
There’s bread on the way for you. Just be patient. What? No. No butter.
Here, here’s your seat. It’s the best in the house. You can see everything from here but the bigger picture, nothing like being close up is there!
That one, down there…behind the pillar and next to the boiler… That’s your seat. Don’t worry… It’s not spewing carbon monoxide – well at least we think it isn’t. And if you lean hard on your right knee you’ll see just fine.
A family ticket? Grand… There’s a discount for being a family. Half the normal fee- €20. There you go! Enjoy your day!
A family ticket? A family ticket! (Yeah right) But you’re not a family…oh. I see. Well then. That’s grand. €40 just about covers it.


Nothing like a bit of double standard action… Imagine if you were forced to have the basics whilst others took the crust every time, at every meal, at every occasion, every minute of everyday for your entire life.
Just try to imagine it.

Try to justify why YOU should have a choice of the best…and tell why you’re love is as important as anyone else’s.
Try do that without taking onboard allll of those things that you take for granted- like not being questioned.
It’s not so easy – if you’ve never had to answer or explain yourself to anyone you’ll find it difficult to do.


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