It’s Against My Religion

Roisin planted her feet on the pavement. Her jaw hung loose as her stunned gaze took in the shop front from gum dashed pavement to pigeon poo splattered tiles. She couldn’t believe that he’d brought her here. Around her milled tourists, city dwellers and suits; they bumped into her over and over tut tutting at her staunchness.

“No bloody way Paddy!” she hissed from the corner of her mouth. “I’m not going in there.”

Paddy was hopping from foot to foot, his eyes glazed in pre-mature anticipation of what could possibly be inside the blacked out glass. Heavy velvet curtains were stagnant and still in the dusty windows, but he didn’t notice so eager was his desire to enter.

He held out his hand to Roisin from the porch, offering what he felt was a safety line from the crowded street. His other hand tightly welded to the dull brass handle, sticky and sweaty. Roisin’s face blackened. With her hands on her hips and her lips pursed like a cat’s arse she reminded him of her mother, an image he was quick to vanquish lest it stay with him forever.

“Come on,” he nodded. “Just for a minute. If you loved me you’d give it just one minute. We’ll leave if you’re uncomfortable.”

Roisin glared. “I’m already uncomfortable.”

“Come on Rosie, my lovely Rosie.” He used his pet name for her, knowing how much she loved him calling her that.

She snarled.

It’s against my religion!

Paddy rolled his eyes. He ventured out into the crowds, releasing his vice grip with reluctance.

“Well, religion didn’t stop you last night.”

Roisin’s face flushed, then paled.

“Come on, you might like it.” He picked up her hand and caressed her palm. Roisin looked at him, her brown eyes unreadable. She swallowed, and Paddy surpressed a grin. He knew it, he could feel her changing her  mind.

“Ok. Two minutes.” she whispered. “But I’m not buying one of those vibrating things. They’re so…” shuddering she squared her shoulders and marched forward before she could change her mind.

Paddy punched the air and ran after her into the innards of the sex shop. His imagination went into overdrive and panting he caught sight with Roisin’s face. She was lit up.

She was smiling.

Stunned at her change of heart he beamed back. Then he looked down.

In her fist she gripped a cat o’ nine tails.

“Now this is more like it…” she cracked the whip as if she’d been born doing it.

Paddy blanched. “It’s against my religion…”

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