Settling the Eve

Settling the Eve

In the window, a candle burned on.
Its golden glow brightly shone
Upon shoppers as they struggle home
Laden down, all windswept blown.

It shone upon all children’s sweet smiles,
Sleepy heads sit up a while,
For tales of Christmas and days of old
Beside the fire are being told.

Shining bravely on through dark of night,
The little candle burns bright.
Shelter promised, tea and cake all shared,
Tender ways that show you care.

Soft flakes of snow begin settling down,
As Santa Claus arrives in town.
And everywhere is a Silent Night,
Save the candle, burning bright.


2 thoughts on “Settling the Eve

  1. fionaok says:

    I really enjoyed that Amy:-) So uplifting and filled me with a warm glow of Christmas joy. You have a wonderful gift. xxx

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