Autumn days and winter ways

Layers and layers of
Grey clouds and socks,
welly boots now, no more flip flops.
Puddle jumping, over and in.
Brollies poking from the bins.
Snuggle scarf and matching hat,
Making my hair go flat.
Lights reflected on surfaces wet
Bring a smile to me yet
I wonder as I pass through town
“What’s the point in looking down?
All the world is yonder – look up!
Up high, pause.
Wonder on the wondrous sights,
the dismal days and darkest nights. Wonder that they come to pass, and of course, that they won’t last.
Savour that moment! It’s fine, it’s always darkest before the time when dawn breaks – a sliver silver – and then before I know it, it’s new pyjamas and cosy bed,
Curled up snug, with a sleepy head.


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