A patchwork of russet and orange leaves swirled, and were sucked up into a whorl despite their sodden weight, then flung against the window where they stuck like those Christmas clings that Holly often saw in shop windows. She paused in her study and looked out, her grey eyes bright under her dark lashes and groomed brows. Shivering, she shifted in her seat and put her cup down and gazed out at the rainy evening.
Across the road shops were shutting, hassled looking people dashed about, some with their Friday night take away treat, some with bags of shopping. A gaggle of Bambi teens squealed as a car sent a tidal wave their way, and Holly smiled remembering the thrill of late night shopping, the cloying scent of the make up counter and the tinkle of cheap jewellery. The fantastic grown up feeling of having coffee out with your girlfriends, sharing a cream donut because you’d bought that dress and wanted to fit into it.
Well,she sighed as she turned back to her notes, nothing gets more grown up than this. Her foot rolled the new buggy back and forth and she peeped in at the sleeping bundle. Two solemn blue eyes looked back at her and she sighed.
Feeding time again. closing her notes with one hand, she picked up the smiling baby. Kissing it’s soft skin she smiled and then she saw her. The woman she’d been waiting for.
Her mouth went dry and she held her breath as she watched the woman weave her way through to a table.

She came every week and ordered the same thing. A pot of tea for two and a large slice of cake, with cream on the side; and she’d pretend that she was taking her daughter out for tea as her own mother had done. Holly watched as the woman sipped her tea, the cake untouched as the waitress set another cup out. A handsome man, with a warm smile and caring brown eyes sat down, placing his phone between them and Holly smiled. From her perch in the little window seat she could see everything, but she went unnoticed as she feed the baby and watched the couple share the cake. They were awkward at first, hesitantly taking a mouthful, as if it was an early celebration that might be jinxed at any moment. Holly felt the soft nuzzle of the baby against her breast stop and she lifted the bundle up so that she too could see the couple. The baby’s blue eyes sparkled as forks clanged over the same morsel and the woman laughed for the first time, a tingly laugh and the man relaxed. Then the phone rang. It’s rumbling rhumba cut short the laughter, causing worry lines to etch on his face. She picked it up first, holding it for a split second before answering.
Holly watched intently, she saw the woman nod tersely, then speak. She saw the beginnings of disbelief on her pale face, her blue eyes widening with wonder and the softening of her mouth into a smile. Holly smiled too, and the baby gurgled in her lap. The woman hung up, she reached for him with one hand, her other hand gently set on her tummy. He was beaming, his eyes full of questions.
Holly turned to the baby and kissed her rosebud mouth one last time as they were surrounded by a thousand sparkling lights.
I knew she was the one. she whispered as she watched the baby twinkle into a wisp of stars and make her way over to the couple where she settled on the woman’s lap, her blue eyes the brightest Holly had ever seen. Holly blew a kiss and closing her eyes disappeared. Her duty done, she was on the lookout already for a family for the brown eyed boy who was now holding her hand tightly, her notes already rewriting as she came into existence in yet another place.


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