Bowsie Boy

There he sat, upon my knee, all love entwined about me,
Ever since he was a bean it was so.

His fingers, soft and creative, twirl my hair and he looks up at me
With such trust.
I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, he says again, and
I kiss his satin cheek, his pink puckered mouth, his brow
All the while grateful for knowing such unconditional love.
He asks and asks and asks questions,
Some I can answer.
Most I cannot.
What’s in that engine? How does it work?
Will we go together – when we die?

He says he’ll never leave me, holding his small hand against my cheek.
Sincerity shines from his eyes and a kiss seals his promise.
And in his love I glow, and he in mine.

I love my Bowsie Boy till beyond the end of time.


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