Mountaineers, Buckaneers and Mars Bars

As walking season … Yeah walking!


You know those days when you wake up with that lovely svelte feeling, the ones when you run your hands over your surely a dress size smaller hips, admire your pert breasts in the mirror and then weigh yourself to discover that you’ve actually put up three pounds (that’s just over a kilo to you kilo users!).

And you’ve put it up OVERNIGHT.
Well that!

That’s today. It’s also the day of The Climb.
I promised my sister that I’d do this charity climb with her, as her super fit (and super ripped) fiancé is away triathlon-ing in some far far away
foreign place where the sun will choose to deepen the tan on his muscular biceps and thighs. Not burn – he never burns.

Well today I’ll be accompanying my super fit (and also super ripped) sister up the side of a mountain.
In aid of Obesity Awareness Week.

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