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Scarlet trails across his shoulder gave him away. Perfectly spaced, and almost healed completely before she caught a glimpse.
He never even knew it was there, so her sudden coldness, her abruptness, her shut down from him was a complete surprise.
She turned from him in bed, curled tight into a ball, her skin as icy to touch as she felt inside.
Over and over she replayed time. When? How? And mostly why?
And then who?
She watched him as they watched television together, and didn’t recoil when he took her hand. His touch still had the power to thrill her, and she took some comfort in the knowledge that he still wanted her. It warmed her heart a little, until the memory of the scratches reared their ugly head.
Jealousy settled onto her shoulder and prodded her confidence- you never had it that good –…

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